Birds of North America

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Life from a different perspective
Sleepy Burrowing Owl
Burrowing Owlet
Four Eyes

Kung Fu Owls
Dad and Owlet
Yawning Snowy Owl
Ghost Owl
Female Snowy Owl

Snowy Owl
Juvenile Caracara
Snowy Owlets
Red-Shouldered Hawk with insect

Aplomado Falcon
Saw-Whet Owl
Eastern Screech Owl
Great Horned Owlets
Flight of the Red-Tailed Hawk

Barn Owl in flight
Red Shouldered Hawk
Wild Barred Owl
Great Horned Owl at sunset
Osprey with nesting material

Autumn Merlin
Eagle Owl
Moulting Screech Owl
American Kestrel in the fall
Bald Eagle Portrait

Amercian Bald Eagle Portrait
Northern Saw Whet Owl
Reddish Egret
American Bittern

Snowy Egret
Great Blue Heron Portrait
Nesting Great Blue Herons
Great Blue Heron mating behaviour
Green Heron

Green Heron with Green Darner
Little Blue Heron
White Ibis feeding
Female Great Egret on eggs
Loon on nest

Common Loon & Chick
Common Loon
Loon Stretch
Piping Plover

Piping Plover
Did you ever have one of those days???
Ruddy Turnstone Breeding Plumage
Black Bellied Plover breeding plumage

Royal Tern
Upland Sandpiper
Wilson's Snipe
Wilson's Snipe in the rain!

Wilson's Snipe
Female Northern Bobwhite
Male Northern Bobwhite
Mute Swan in the mist

Red-Necked Grebe in the fog
Belted Kingfisher
Horned Grebe breeding colours
Long-Tailed Duck

Male American Widgeon
Male Pileated Woodpecker
Pileated Close-up
Urban Living
Male Black Backed Woodpecker

Female Black Backed Woodpecker
Red-Bellied Woodpckers
Hairy Woodpecker
Female Hairy Woodpecker at sunset
Male Downy Woodpecker

Loggerhead Shrike impaling prey
Loggerhead Shrike
Loggerhead Shrike
Female Baltimore Oriole

Female Great Crested Flycatcher with nesting material
Male Great Crested Flycatcher singing (more like croaking)
Great Crested Flycatcher
Great Crested Flycatcher with dragonfly
Phoebe and skipper

Eastern Phoebe with banana spider
Eastern Phoebe
Eastern Meadowlark
Meadowlark serenade
Bobolink perched on crab apple tree

Female Bluebird
Male Bluebird
Female Eastern Bluebird with caterpillar for nestlings
Male Common Redpoll
Tree Swallow with nesting material

Whiskey Jack
Gray Jay sporting bling
White-Breasted Nuthatch
White Breasted Nuthatch Classic Pose
American Goldfinch in spring

Yellow Rumped Warbler
Endangered Scrub Jay
Florida Scrub Jay
Male Yellow Warbler
Palm Warbler

Common Yellow-Throated Warbler
Cedar Waxwing
Black-Billed Cuckoo
An apple a day….

American Goldfinch eating ice
Barn Swallows
I'm berry overwhelmed
I'm hungry down here!!

Food fit for a kingbird
Cedar Waxwing - Algonquin
Kingbird with spider
Mourning Dove
Juvenile Red-Winged Blackbird

Red-Winged Blackbird displaying
Bugs for....
Baby Red-Winged Blackbirds
Winter Dee
Berry Nice Perch

Black-Capped Chickadee
Winter Jay
Juggling Jay
Juvenile Hummingbird
Power Nap (Juvenile Hummingbird)

Ruby-Throated Hummingbird